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~~~~~nuff said…hope everyones growing season is going jest fine 🙂 am still alive an shall be back round town soon! adios 4 now…wat a purfekt pic huh! lol……… 🙂



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~~~~~…an interesting fact 4 all my 420 greetings fans out there 🙂 lol… like imagine that…look where most of “all that talk” come frum huh…
PS: if ya don’t got ur seeds in the ground yet tyhis year ur running behind!…IT’s TIME!….4 420 to greet ya …another year!
PSS: KILL da’ males yep yep … 🙂 over an out frum smiley in colorful colorado! 🙂 ……



Who knew?!.

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so in other news frum da’ gallery in weeds werld of opinionated 420 greetings……

…art by visionary artist alex grey

Thoughts i have today remind me of a movie i saw many moons ago when i was a child…in the day of CINERAMA… was pert kewl auctually the format was CINERAMA….but the movie itself was called “IT’S A MAD MAD WORLD”… @ the end well left ones head a spinning as did the shots frum the helicopter above a freeway interchange  whilst spinning round an round!………truly like wtf? folks? what are we trying to prove anyhow in the good ol usa eh? we already knew we had the missiles that would do this so why the fuk be testin them what are we trying to prove ? .we have had these minute man missles for years wtf? guys why?“an important demonstration of our nation’s nuclear deterrent capabilities”??? when i lived in cali years ago in the 70’s they used to test these all the time so why start “TESTING” again? they don’t think they will still werk ? wow is all i can say 😦 All the evil dooers an leaders of the werld are saying “JEST JOKING”? right ? I SAY IT’s a MAD MAD WERLD!

so! ? another 420 greeting to u …Yes it is may an 420 has passed…but it’s really 420 everyday sumwhere still all the same 🙂 …people trying to get over the MAD MAD WORLD THING! INDEED!….watching it get crazier every day? so mr. weed wunders?

I say why KNot! :)? on this mystery thing they want to call pot that is really cannabis a plant that heals an helps humanity in so many ways is incredible…. Instead of shielding them why not free them? How about we legalize it countrywide! and put a $0.50 Cents Per Gram Tax on it. If 20% of the population was to buy just one gram per day at the end of the year the Government would generate an additional $11.6 BILLION DOLLARS. Now include the additional taxes from all the new business and jobs that would be created and the savings to Law Enforcement, Courts, Jails, Medicaid/Medicare and the Veterans Administration and it balloons to around $50 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. or more or more lol….geez……. Stop messing around and let it go the whole war on cannabis was a political hack job!….an the morons that profess that it twists ur mind an whatnot….well, ? 99% of them have never smoked it so how can ya judge something that you do not experience is my question of the day? …….

fact 1 fer da day > Marijuana has the ability, with its fast growing roots, to leach toxins out of the soil near chemical factories and can change it into harmless substances.

fact 2 : if trump Legalizes Cannabis he will go down as the Best President ever!!!

Fact 3 : The war on drugs is not authorized by the US Constitution and therefore it is illegal. As our founders knew and wrote of, we have a natural and therefore a US Constitutional right to own, control, and defend our body. These natural rights include the right to life, liberty, property, the right to defend the aforementioned along with almost an infinite number of rights. These rights, as said, were given at birth by Our Creator and cannot be taken. The purpose of government is to protect these rights so government does not grant rights but protects them. With these facts in mind, one can see clearly that we do not need permission from government to smoke anything, or eat anything or to grown what we want to on our own property. Live Free or Die. ryde safe obey the speed laws an fly sober is my say fer da day!

fact 4 ; The very simple solution is to decriminalize weed. It is past time to admit it never should have been included in the first place. Decriminalizing it takes the profit out of the criminal enterprise. Frees up millions of dollars to go after hard drugs. Frees up prison space…but then…on the other hand.

the hand of the gov.or da feds with the laws right now still in many states …so ridiculous..The criminal justice system is fighting decriminalization hard as civil asset forfeiture is funding them to the tune of billions yearly (combined federal and state takes). 85% of civil forfeiture cases in which cash and property are taken by law enforcement for suspicion of a crime are never convicted of a crime. 20% of the assets taken are retained locally and 80% is kicked upwards to the Feds. It’s third world behavior and a dangerous mindset as local police see you as a profit source for their department.

(Minnesota is one of the few states that enacted legislation against this practice in 2015, they only keep the money if there’s a conviction)….You know if Trump said legalize it. It would be legalized and could tax it and put tariffs on marijuana coming into the US from Mexico. Guess who pays for the wall? Mexico. The cost would be paid in about two or three years…jest some food fer thought anyhow…
the way i see it i have said before also is america has spoken now already now .so jest legalize it an tax it an make it a better thing for mankind to have around if used correctly!….

Is hard for me to believe the line of cars i see an specific people that use an abuse alcohol on a daily basis line up at the drive thru liquor stores here in colorado…jeez a louise …balance people balance jeez…is what i think ..but what am i ..jest a guy named weed a concerned citizen also..but who gives a flock …now there are profiteers an cheats on both sides of the fence of the marijuana industry ….so watch ur backs…in colorado the laws have changed for the general publik grower..but for the legal medical or commercial user, they are still governed to how many plants they can grow…so its not a free-forall…growing thousands of plants…that is a way big fed crime still everywhere…unless ur one of those that have millions of dollars an are supported by the med marijuana state programs etc etc…so lucky are they…Meanwhile a dozen plants in ur back yard is great! as far as i am concerned… 🙂 if they are good big plants that have a lot of product….

OH AN CANNABIS INDUCED RIGHT! HOW FUKin KRAZY can lawyers an psyches get huh! insanity!.indeed! cannabis induced..?????. why is it that in cases like this where cannabis can be painted as an evil and dangerous substance the any vague correlation can be used as the accepted cause of a mental disorder with out testing with out scientific proof and all it takes is the agreement of one psychiatrist is treated as proof positive. but when ti comes to the correlation of cannabis success in treating anything you need “further study and research” and phrases like “we just don’t know enough” or “correlative effects are not proof of anything” this story is garbage and i am sick of this kind of #$%$ “reporting”. it is spin. it is anti cannabis propaganda. and anyone that pushes these kinds of lies should be ashamed of them selves bunch of self centered manipulative stains on humanity.

My journey through illness, opiate dependency, obesity, domestic abuse, and how I fought my way back using cannabis, healthy food and fitness!

~~~~~~ 420 Greetings to u today an every day! …….
so very happy u are part of da’ weed family a way per se’ !
Jennessa Lea thanQ ….is so nice of u to return 2 being Epic every Day!
Keep on keepin’ on ….an inspiration u are to many ..
as i hope some of my readers will also agree…
peace out-frum..
. Smiley weed in colorado! ……. *(*@*@*)*~~~~~~~ 🙂

Fit Cannabis Girl

Hi everyone! My name is Jennessa Lea. I am 29 years old single mother and I use cannabis as my choice in medicine to fight Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

From a young age I suffered from pain and instability in my joints, as well as other weird health issues that were never addressed. As I got older, the pain got worse.

When I had my daughter at 20, things got much worse. My health declined drastically, and my weight increased significantly. These issues led me on my search in modern western medicine to find out what was wrong with me.

I went to many doctors, and had many procedures and tests done. It was at this time they diagnosed me with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. Soon after, the doctors referred me to a pain clinic. I was immediately given a prescription of oxycodone 5 mg to use 6 times a day…

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