Hang In Dere

No Matta What…even if’n ya got hung upside down!


hang in there; it will get better with time….a cured reality! yep yep…..oh plant forgive me for killing you may u live long an prosper in spirit an go up in smoke πŸ™‚ … over an out .& again “hang in dere” do da best ya can do



So Don’t weery

Be Happy

an have a great weekend !

Wake an Bake

Wake an Bake


420 Greetings2 U 2 Day

frum lot 420

in Sunny

Southern Colorado


One Day @ a Time –

Take it easy –

Keep on Keepin On! –

an be nice to Urself….

Don’t Dwink Booze 2 day!

nor escape ur personal reality!

cuz ur Higher Power –

sees an knows all u do!

Teddy sayz

Off Season er Not!

420 Greetings2 U 2 Day



Destiny is the Hidden Power believed to control our future! It’s not created on its own, it has to be created and depends upon da’ power to




Off season er not

As Da’ Werld Turnz it be

4;20 sumwhere