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Senators Introduce Bill To End Federal Curbs On Medical Marijuana

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A most significant article of the week, comes from Forbes.com

A somewhat unlikely team of Senators Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York), and Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) stood with parents and patients to discuss The CARERS Act: The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act.

The major aim of the six-part legislation (S.683) is to reclassify marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act to Schedule II, thereby changing the plant from a federally-criminalized substance to one that has recognized medical uses.”


whats the carreers act? well click on the forbes link to read an explanation




Money 2 Burn?

… MARIJUANA NEWS frum Lot 420 …


..Money 2 burn or invest? well, not I but if i did have lotsa money to invest with my 420 greeting.com werld i would put it here an there, but well mainly here if i had a lot of it..I been attempting to get a few specific individuals interested in my company to no avail, so i guess i’ll have to start like the little guy, an spread my wings slowly! do it one dollar one day one step at a time Its a non profit anyhow so money is for others eventually anyhow! So … 🙂 read up an check this out!. An if’n ur like me maybe this is a good place to start investigating.could be ur childs retirement! ya neva know!….

Privateer Holdings Announces First Institutional Investor in Legal Cannabis Industry—Founders Fund

Privateer Holdings, the world’s first private equity firm investing exclusively in the legal cannabis industry, was founded in 2010 by three MBAs with decades of experience in private equity and venture capital. The firm previously closed $22 million in funding through the combination of a Series A fundraising round and a convertible bridge note. Until today’s announcement, Privateer Holdings’ investors consisted solely of ultra-high net worth individuals and family offices.

Founders Fund was the first institutional investor in revolutionary companies SpaceX and Palantir Technologies, and one of the earliest investors in Facebook. The firm is sector and stage agnostic, with a portfolio that includes Airbnb, Counsyl, Knewton, Lyft, Oculus, SolarCity, Spotify, Stripe, and ZocDoc. Recent portfolio company exits include The Climate Corporation, DeepMind, and Yammer.

In an industry as fast-moving as the cannabis industry, Privateer Holdings has established itself as a company of firsts:

  • Privateer Holdings was the first private equity firm to make an investment in the cannabis industry when it acquired Leafly in 2011.
  • Privateer Holdings was the first to close a Series A funding round for $7 million in 2013.
  • Patrick Moen became the first agent to leave the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for a position in the cannabis industry when he joined Privateer Holdings in November 2013.
  • Privateer Holdings is the only American company to operate a federally licensed commercial cannabis cultivation operation at its Tilray facility in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
  • On Aug. 3, Leafly became the first cannabis company to place a full-page print advertisement in The New York Times.
  • Privateer Holdings, in partnership with the family of Bob Marley, launched the world’s first global cannabis brand Marley Natural on November 18, 2014.
  • Privateer Holdings has now received the first major institutional investment in the legal cannabis industry.

Privateer Holdings will use the investment from Founders Fund to continue building mainstream companies and professional brands that elevate the conversation about cannabis for patients and consumers around the world….read more > click here!


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Mirror Mirror

seriously now ; hopin a bita humor lightens ones day an stay @ 420 greetings! take care…. stay warm! 🙂


Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY! Whence an where

lol…an who made who…an then!



…well above an beyond all things is the seriousness of not being serious sumtimes,,,seriously now! but? isn’t it really jest how ya perceive an lewk at things now?


i mean whats it gonna be ? i ask my friends an associates,,,well hopefully 5 years ahead will be productive, am “god’s ” mission lol whatevr that is will be accomplished…well at least for me that is anyhow,,,,we shall see where it all comes into play ie…fate verses destiny verses many other thousands of scenarios that could possibly exist!


so be it take it one day at a time an remember when! lol…. an seek to do it again,,,be young at heart an do it again whatevr it is u liked to do that makes ya feel like a kid again,


is the most healing thing i can think…

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Nixons War on Drugs lives on

Nixons Insidiously insane War on Drugs lives on, heres a note sent to me today!..i shall pass on2 u…

Have a Splendid Sunday an help make life a mellow March!



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cunningZ wrote:

The DEA has spent 50 years of propaganda, incarceration, and lies to protect their jobs of destroying people’s lives, and pushing the American people into destitution, and felony for no logical reason, except to satisfy Nixon’s hatred of hippies.

I lost my right knee in Korea in 1971, and was sprayed with Agent Orange, ( A red defoliant ) that burned my lungs….

The choice is clear to me i can eat a half a brownie before dinner and have a pleasant evening with no pain from the neuropathy, and i am able to function very well the next day with no after effects. ( the high is about equal to a glass of wine )

Or I can take 2 to 4 Oxycontin over the night to slowly fight off the pain for 6 to 8 hours, until i pass out then i’m still drugged out the next day, and sleepy the whole day after that, so 3 days are gone to me, then the pain cycle repeats after 2 or 3 days, so half my life is lost to the synthetic heroin my doctor wants me to use 😦

Or i can eat a half of a brownie and the pain is gone in 45 minutes, and i can function normally the next morning with no side effects….

So you propagandized idiots with your thumbs down, what would you do? 😦

My doctor at Kaiser agrees with me, but can not officially support my position…

So please step away from the last 50 years of propaganda from the DEA, and think what it is like to live in pain every day.

I worked for Nixon as a cryptographer in the camp david bunker in 1972, and i was there when Doctor Worm, ( thats what Nixon called him ) finished his research into Marijuana. ( I think it was the Shafer report )

He gave the report to Nixon telling him that he saw no problem with pot, but it should be controlled like alcohol.

Nixon flipped out and threw the report away, Nixon’s statement was ” The F’n hippies smoke the sh1t, and the hippies hate me, and i hate the hippies, so he helped push through the DEA to make war on the hippies, and America. Just like he used the IRS, and FBI to punish his perceived enemies.

That war on America has made tens of millions of Americans felons, and cost literally trillions of dollars, making war on the American people by our own government to satiate Nixon’s hatred for Hippies who wanted to know the truth about Vietnam…

That is all true and can be found on verifiable news sources, i’m not giving out any secrets or unverifiable truths here, so step away from 50 years of propaganda, no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, hundreds of thousands have died from synthetic heroin prescribed by our doctors.

We have to stop filling jails so the police keep their jobs, isn’t it time to free America, and stop these ridiculous wars on the American people.

The DEA has incarcerated, and destroyed millions of American lives, costing the american taxpayers trillions of dollars over the years, it all has to stop :o( let’s legalize pot nation wide, treat heavy drug use medically, and stop the insanity, and the ridiculous wars on the American people by our own government.