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so in other news frum da’ gallery in weeds werld of opinionated 420 greetings……

…art by visionary artist alex grey

Thoughts i have today remind me of a movie i saw many moons ago when i was a child…in the day of CINERAMA… was pert kewl auctually the format was CINERAMA….but the movie itself was called “IT’S A MAD MAD WORLD”… @ the end well left ones head a spinning as did the shots frum the helicopter above a freeway interchange  whilst spinning round an round!………truly like wtf? folks? what are we trying to prove anyhow in the good ol usa eh? we already knew we had the missiles that would do this so why the fuk be testin them what are we trying to prove ? .we have had these minute man missles for years wtf? guys why?“an important demonstration of our nation’s nuclear deterrent capabilities”??? when i lived in cali years ago in the 70’s they used to test these all the time so why start “TESTING” again? they don’t think they will still werk ? wow is all i can say 😦 All the evil dooers an leaders of the werld are saying “JEST JOKING”? right ? I SAY IT’s a MAD MAD WERLD!

so! ? another 420 greeting to u …Yes it is may an 420 has passed…but it’s really 420 everyday sumwhere still all the same 🙂 …people trying to get over the MAD MAD WORLD THING! INDEED!….watching it get crazier every day? so mr. weed wunders?

I say why KNot! :)? on this mystery thing they want to call pot that is really cannabis a plant that heals an helps humanity in so many ways is incredible…. Instead of shielding them why not free them? How about we legalize it countrywide! and put a $0.50 Cents Per Gram Tax on it. If 20% of the population was to buy just one gram per day at the end of the year the Government would generate an additional $11.6 BILLION DOLLARS. Now include the additional taxes from all the new business and jobs that would be created and the savings to Law Enforcement, Courts, Jails, Medicaid/Medicare and the Veterans Administration and it balloons to around $50 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. or more or more lol….geez……. Stop messing around and let it go the whole war on cannabis was a political hack job!….an the morons that profess that it twists ur mind an whatnot….well, ? 99% of them have never smoked it so how can ya judge something that you do not experience is my question of the day? …….

fact 1 fer da day > Marijuana has the ability, with its fast growing roots, to leach toxins out of the soil near chemical factories and can change it into harmless substances.

fact 2 : if trump Legalizes Cannabis he will go down as the Best President ever!!!

Fact 3 : The war on drugs is not authorized by the US Constitution and therefore it is illegal. As our founders knew and wrote of, we have a natural and therefore a US Constitutional right to own, control, and defend our body. These natural rights include the right to life, liberty, property, the right to defend the aforementioned along with almost an infinite number of rights. These rights, as said, were given at birth by Our Creator and cannot be taken. The purpose of government is to protect these rights so government does not grant rights but protects them. With these facts in mind, one can see clearly that we do not need permission from government to smoke anything, or eat anything or to grown what we want to on our own property. Live Free or Die. ryde safe obey the speed laws an fly sober is my say fer da day!

fact 4 ; The very simple solution is to decriminalize weed. It is past time to admit it never should have been included in the first place. Decriminalizing it takes the profit out of the criminal enterprise. Frees up millions of dollars to go after hard drugs. Frees up prison space…but then…on the other hand.

the hand of the gov.or da feds with the laws right now still in many states …so ridiculous..The criminal justice system is fighting decriminalization hard as civil asset forfeiture is funding them to the tune of billions yearly (combined federal and state takes). 85% of civil forfeiture cases in which cash and property are taken by law enforcement for suspicion of a crime are never convicted of a crime. 20% of the assets taken are retained locally and 80% is kicked upwards to the Feds. It’s third world behavior and a dangerous mindset as local police see you as a profit source for their department.

(Minnesota is one of the few states that enacted legislation against this practice in 2015, they only keep the money if there’s a conviction)….You know if Trump said legalize it. It would be legalized and could tax it and put tariffs on marijuana coming into the US from Mexico. Guess who pays for the wall? Mexico. The cost would be paid in about two or three years…jest some food fer thought anyhow…
the way i see it i have said before also is america has spoken now already now .so jest legalize it an tax it an make it a better thing for mankind to have around if used correctly!….

Is hard for me to believe the line of cars i see an specific people that use an abuse alcohol on a daily basis line up at the drive thru liquor stores here in colorado…jeez a louise …balance people balance jeez…is what i think ..but what am i ..jest a guy named weed a concerned citizen also..but who gives a flock …now there are profiteers an cheats on both sides of the fence of the marijuana industry ….so watch ur backs…in colorado the laws have changed for the general publik grower..but for the legal medical or commercial user, they are still governed to how many plants they can grow…so its not a free-forall…growing thousands of plants…that is a way big fed crime still everywhere…unless ur one of those that have millions of dollars an are supported by the med marijuana state programs etc etc…so lucky are they…Meanwhile a dozen plants in ur back yard is great! as far as i am concerned… 🙂 if they are good big plants that have a lot of product….

OH AN CANNABIS INDUCED RIGHT! HOW FUKin KRAZY can lawyers an psyches get huh! insanity!.indeed! cannabis induced..?????. why is it that in cases like this where cannabis can be painted as an evil and dangerous substance the any vague correlation can be used as the accepted cause of a mental disorder with out testing with out scientific proof and all it takes is the agreement of one psychiatrist is treated as proof positive. but when ti comes to the correlation of cannabis success in treating anything you need “further study and research” and phrases like “we just don’t know enough” or “correlative effects are not proof of anything” this story is garbage and i am sick of this kind of #$%$ “reporting”. it is spin. it is anti cannabis propaganda. and anyone that pushes these kinds of lies should be ashamed of them selves bunch of self centered manipulative stains on humanity.


Colorado Homicides drop more than 66% after marijuana legalized


Homicide in Colorado drops more than 66% after marijuana legalized

After dire predictions about what would happen if marijuana were legalized, new data collected from the Colorado Department of Public Safety suggests that certain crime rates have fallen by large amounts. As RT reports:

Less than six months into the experiment that Colorado took up by legalizing marijuana, state officials have released new data indicating that crime has fallen across a number of demographics since January 1.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety released data through the end of February indicating that not only has the doomsday scenario that law enforcement officials predicted not come true, but crime has fallen by significant margins.

Compared to the same time period in 2013, overall property crime fell by 14.6 percent in Denver. Homicide rates, while not leaving the single digits in either year, fell by 66.7 percent while the number of robberies decreased by seven percent.

If legalizing marijuana doesn’t create a new crime hellscape out of cities, then opponents may have just lost their last talking point.

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

 Featured Image -- 381

In light of recent events, you have an opportunity, dare I say an obligation, to fundamentally change America in a profound manner. You can enact an Executive Order that can solve some of this country’s biggest problems, and right some of our most egregious wrongs.

The acts described below are all interconnected and provide the foundation for a new beginning in American history. I fervently hope you will use your powers to transform our country in these meaningful and vitally important ways now!

The first step is to declare an end to the War on Drugs, most specifically an immediate decriminalization of all forms of cannabis and its non-psychoactive cousin, hemp. This act can take a bite out of racism in America and set the course for a more peaceful, non-violent nation.

Informed individuals understand that the “War on Marijuana” is largely a war on people of color, and has imprisoned millions of minorities for victimless crimes. Let’s review the facts:

  • Amount spent annually in the U.S. on the war on drugs:

          More than $51,000,000,000

  • Number of arrests in 2014 in the U.S. for drug law violations:


  • Number of these arrests that were for possession only:

          1,297,384 (83 percent)

  • Number of arrests in 2014 in the U.S. for marijuana violations:


  • Number of these arrests that were for possession only:

          619,809 (88 percent)

  • Proportion of black or Latino people incarcerated for a drug offense in state prison, although these groups use and sell drugs at similar rates as whites:

          57 Percent

  • Tax revenue that drug legalization would yield annually, if currently-illegal drugs were taxed at rates comparable to those on alcohol and tobacco:

          $46.7 billion

  • Number of people in the U.S. who have acquired AIDS directly or indirectly from syringe sharing:

          360,836 people, or 30% of all people diagnosed w/AIDS in the U.S.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that syringe access programs lower HIV incidence among people who inject drugs by:

          80 percent

  • U.S. federal government support for syringe access programs:

          $0.00, thanks to a federal ban reinstated by Congress in 2011 that prohibits any federal assistance for this program


Mr. President, we propose a new paradigm for America, where we have a war on violence instead of a war on minorities and our populous in general. Usher in a new day in America and encourage an environment of tolerance regarding personal freedom, but a society in which violent activity of any sort will simply no longer be tolerated, and will be severely punished.

By ending the prohibition on cannabis and hemp, you can help end a racist law that targets minorities and creates a fear of police felt on every urban street corner in America. This action can help erase 80 years of hatred, bigotry and propaganda, while also creating jobs, developing affordable housing, and improving education.

Our 8-part plan calls for a new way of thinking, along with the following actions:

  1. End the prohibition on cannabis and hemp
  2. Tax and regulate cannabis, just like alcohol and tobacco
  3. Encourage hemp farming and its use in a multitude of products
  4. Release marijuana possession prisoners from prison
  5. Create Back-to-Work Empowerment programs that offer former cannabis prisoners employment in the cannabis and hemp industries and extend these programs to others in need of meaningful opportunity.
  6. Use some of the taxes raised from legalized cannabis to fund education programs that retrain Police Officers to become Peace Officers, and facilitate an end to racism, ethnic profiling, random pat-downs, and extreme violence on American citizens.
  7. Appropriate funds from the cannabis tax to rehabilitate some of the 18 million vacant homes in America and make them available to the homeless and low income families and individuals (there are 3.5 million homeless people in America)
  8. End the war on drugs and use resources for compassionate care and rehabilitation. Prison shouldn’t be for people with addictions.

Mr. President, it’s time to end “politics as usual.” It’s time to Move America Forward, and take profound steps to end racism, end the homeless problem, end our war on minorities, end our lack of compassion, and end our outdated policies that widen the social divide. It is now time to choose the American people rather than publicly traded companies and their profits. It is now time for real change to occur.

Instead of being a “good” president, you have the power to become a transformative president, like Washington, Lincoln and FDR. You can create a legacy and implement changes that will truly “Make America Great Again.”



Alexander Nachman

American Citizen

Rivers of Thought {polluted}

………..Da’ EPA gives da’ World in da’ 4 corners an down below da’ roundyround!

…………Unreal Very Unreal to me but ah so real 😦 bummer to sayda’ very least!



Da' EPA GIVES Da" World Da' Roundyround!

Da’ EPA GIVES Da” World Da’ Roundyround!

..EPA: Colorado mine waste spill larger than first reported.…..well,,more frum the gallery of smiley here in colorado who ain’t smilin to much bout this latest adventure in our 3 corners area ? :(..BY our Wunderful protecting Guys at the epa that wanted to cover it up so now it’s an accident , wow.
Problem out of proportion for Colorado an the south land 😦 .is really unbelievable,that it happened in the usa an we let {them} get away with it :(. will prolly be the case anyhow.. Whenever any collection of hazardous waste is captured in earthen pits or in a lake format, the easiest and cheapest way to rid your self of this problem is to have an “accident”. Being an accident, no penalties or jail time applies. This happens all over the world. Until we convict those responsible for the storage system itself, this format will continue….
But of course, the well water will take long time to get contaminate ! The contaminated river water will take a few years to seep into the ground. Once it seeps underground, it is impossible to decontaminate it. In Burbank, CA, the city had to abandon city wells, after Lockheed’s contaminated washdown water with solvents went into the ground. The wells are still unusable, after some thirty or forty years after the incidence.

Da' EPA GIVES Da" World Da' Roundyround!

Da’ EPA GIVES Da” World Da’ Roundyround!

The Navajos better start moving their tepees to another reservation, like their ancestors used to do, when they ran out of fertile land. …So much for the EPA keeping America safe. bummer again truly what mroe can i say well><?
if a private citizen or corporation “accidentally” spilled 3 million plus gallons of toxic sludge into the river, there would be criminal and civil charges to follow, especially given the failure to provide prompt notice as required by law. Let’s see how hard the state chases the feds on this one. my guess is they only want money.
This is the kind of unprofessional accidents that occur when everything is the lowest bidder and political cronyism……….well???????? agree with me er not is more than a rant i am pissed off but what can i do as a citizen to the {system} an the epa an the Gov? 😦
750,000 plus 550,000 don’t amount to nothing compared to the damage done to the rivers wildlife and communities. The agency and equipment will eat through that the first couple weeks. This is a deliberate act of terrorism involving our federal government against humanity and this planet. Wake up people; stupid  people are responsible for this act. Charges need to be filed on the EPA for a criminal act against the population.
My question is how does a mining company get to leave behind 3 million gallons of water tainted with lead, arsenic if the first place? Someone is sitting nicely in a pretty mansion with dirty hands. Would bring me to think that kinna thing anyhow,,,,,,,,,what evr happened to nipping the problem at the core like they should have years ago, i saw a tv show how they had planned to clean up all the mines across the country an well? who squelched that program i wunder? 

OH! an then there are the idiots in Silverton who do not want the feds coming in an cleaning up the mess? WTF folks? huh?
Colorado authorities say there is” no immediate damage to wildlife”. It is not the acute effects that will damage wildlife. It is the chronic effects that will damage wildlife .When heavy metals get into the eco-system then reproductive process are mutated in the animals. hey on the bright side the mosquitoes can not handle such a low ph bye bye mosquitoes….
EPA TODAY = ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIng AGENCY….:(With the EPA evidently able to give themselves regulatory and legislative powers, it is small wonder they ignore congressional oversight and the courts.
meanwhile…………Feds policing puddles?in ur very own back yard? Add that to the

************read another article about it right here!*click**********

Navajo Nation Vows To Hold EPA Accountable As Colorado River Poisoner Identified

More frum Lot 420

Cannabis_indicaMore frum da’ mind of Smiley

YA KNOW if the federal government would just put a $0.75 cent per gram tax just for therecreational usage and say 25% of America was to buy just ONE GRAM PER DAY the feds would make around 30 BILLION A YEAR, now factor in the savings to law enforcement, courts and jails it comes around 50 BILLION a year. SO WHY ARE WE THROWING PEOPLE IN JAIL OVER THIS AGAIN? Oh yea so a selected few can make a lot of money
Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs is one of the biggest crimes in the history of the United States. Before 1980, there were, on average, approximately 500,000 federal inmates throughout the country. Most on serious crimes – murder, rape, etc. Currently there are approx 2.5 million. Moreover, the surplus is made of non-violent drug offenders. Even more astounding is that approx 80 percent of federal inmates are there on drug-related charges Why? The bail-bond industry. This industry has one of the fastest growth rates of any industry in the country over the past forty years and a very powerful lobby with deep pockets to match.
It cost $27,000 per year to incarcerate a federal inmate. Some states, Florida for example, pay 1/4 of every tax dollar on incarcerating their inmates. There are twice as many Africa-American males 18-25 in prison as there are in college. Again, the VAST majority are there for drug-related charges. This madness has to stop. On top of the boost to the economy is the savings to the tax payer from decriminalization. No more costs for police who can now spend their time doing better things than busting people for herb, no more wasted court expenses prosecuting for possession, and no more money spent on locking up non-violent offenders busted for possession. Who is against this legalization? an why must i ask?
How about this bit of news?
Senate Considers Giving Marijuana Businesses Access To Banks with a new bill; Marijuana Business Access To Banking Act Of 2015
Sounds like Congress or, at least, the Senate is really trying to get this..experiment to work no matter what the prohibitionists try to do.




Music, it has the power to heal our world and bring about Peace

*******quarksire says right on mark ! 😎 keep da sunny side up sir’ Q

Endless Light and Love

Music my dear friends can take you to another place, it can bring tears to your eyes, it can bring you relief, it can bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Music can help us heal our world, the sweet sounds from music from all every country of our world unites people, it brings us together in celebration and has been with us since the dawn of time, we should use music to bring countries and religions together and create a platform for us to communicate with one goal…peace and happiness.

The first video shows Donald, a homeless man in Florida USA, as you will see, he may be down on his luck but he has soul, he has love in his heart, he has the memory of music running through his veins. Bless him and bless his life 🙂

A homeless man in Florida play the…

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Bare Essentials by quarksire

Well Ya Never Know!

Jest in case now!?

…& a few ponderable Questions frum da’ Quarked one today!


say in an instant ..bump in the night an electricity goes off, cell phones go off, all the lights int eh city go off, all the gas pumps won;t pump, all the roads leading in an outa the cities are damaged an or blocked? u don;t have extra food or batteries etc etc even or a candle? for tonight er tomorrow! ?…
.Well>?Jest a bit of food for thought …whether u believe in me fox news or the hare’ krishna! budda, jesus or ur archangel or whatevr u believe in? Are U preppared for disaster beyond ur control? ARE YOU PREPARED? Do u have a jack an a spare? if u have a flat tire? do u have tools to save ur life if u have to or anothers?…..Are deaf ears better an is ignorance upon the masses better? well, it seems to have always been a thing ..keep the “real” info of how the werld werks from the masses…teach most of em the werld is only 6000 years old ? an man was created in an instant by this guy in the sky they call god?… really wunder how they explain dinosaurs an the fossil i hold in my hand that is 300 million years old lol?.. i have lotz more to say on this subjekt but won’t in this post-it!
~~~anyhow? Back to the point of this post! for how long could ya last, if’n ya had to…without electricity or water? or bare essentials?… whats going to happen in the future, ? are u a prepper or are u a believer? that there will always be a government that is stable to be able to feed ur act? when ur great grandparents grew up didnt they have to be self sufficient? ie…. have their own windmill etc etc an thier farm to feed thier family… till everyone started depending on the guy next door to provide for them evrything including thier food shelter an electricity!? oh it doiesn’t happen that way? ..ya say? but it can? ya think not now?
Will there be civil unrest around the countries of the werld including usa an canada? Because evryone has been censored into believing in fear based controlling principles an ways an still ludicriuos laws? This is exactly why i got outa politics way back int he 80’s ..can’t fight the guys that have more money than me? they will always win. so that is the futility of it all even if i was being honest they always won in court, the ones with the money? imagine that…way of the werld i guess.. in the 20th century. 4 evr will the werld continue to get werse or will there be world peace? some how by some miracle way? …. well? i wunder what will happen in the future an even the very near future with a few things an events, i cannot speculate really because their are those with the money an power that will basically call the script the way they see it…everyone else all trapped in their cities without electicity for a week an see what happens? that”ll be a fun one huh!? if an when it evr does happen…either by some created event or by nature herself an mother earth doing that big burp thing {the big rang} {{when momma earth rangs louder than most on surface will stand} she does evr so often an grows once again huh how fast how soon how quick will it happen an why? well to many different speculation an consequences can be thought up an percieved?…lotta fear mongers creating lotsa fear bout losta diferent things, an lotsa whistle blowerz etc etc trying to tell the truth bout things always end up getting killed er what not? who wrote that movie an why is it illeagal to be honest in perception now open ur eyes an see what happened when and why bout lotsa things ? well cuz lotsa times the ones that does it is the ones that has the money an therefore has the power? so back to the monetary thing an what will happen with world economics in the future we shall see? some even speculate the whole werld changing the way the exchange system werks? whats possible????…
Well Facts are fact bout us living on a breathing live planet ! no matter where ya live, one should always treat the planet like it is the Earth it really is instead of some concrete an asphalt layered mess…we try to keep organized,,, i must say having traveled a bit of da world, i see a lotta of the world really has it together good concerning {including much of the usa} but? what they themselves or their country is going to do in event of such a natural disaster like, a great earth burp where everything moves at once everywhere an the whole planet goes on a wild ride similar to the movie 2012? some live some die depending on where they live? an by what circumstances happened to them etc etc…AHHH BIT THAT CAN’t HAPPEN! FOX NEwS TOLD ME SO! LoL 🙂
anyhow point of this whole post was food for thought – bout not only belief systems? – if ur any “belief system” in “particular”.. something more special than the next guys “belief ” system? well….what if? there was a natural disaster like a giant earthquake explosion er whatnot? an the light went out an the power went out etc etc in ur town? what would u do????how long could u last? well the reason why i say this is cuz most folks that live in the cities or towns close to cities etc etc, do not have a way to get deal with water or electricity if it was shut off? an fuel an food to get through any hard time that might come up because of something all natural..let alone man made? I live in an area where well at least twice a year the electricity might be off for up to a day or more! I am not set up 100% an well my goal is to get set up so i do not have to rely on a troubled world for months that it might be in need of getting the whole infrastructure put back together,,,it could be like the 1800’s within minutes an well,? whatcha gonna do? do ya have a clue? well i half do an will do the best i can to try to take care of myself instead of having to rely on the next guy an hopefully also i will be able to help neighbors an kids that need help in my area with the resources i might have to help them with….will ya evr have enuff in ur enuff itis stage? or will we as a species any more i wunder? well, like i said food for thought…not pointing fingers at anyone but how I am going to deal with it if such an occurrence might happen on this planet say a hurricane sweeping high acroosss the country once in a thousand years …well ya nevr know right?
Was in a couple of very big earthquakes, an in da middle of a fire er 2 an well is when everything changes in jest a few minutes… an usually makes a mess an is not for the better!
question to ya once again are u prepared?
over an out for now from the
read my other article here called 

Vital Necessities

if ur curious what i mean?…~~~~~
A..Q..FACT: Time is a limitation, eternity is limitless. Time stands within and
functions through its definition,

rather Eternity adheres to no
definition in its infinity

All that you experience within this form
has been allowed for your to be able to learn,. It has been placed forth simply so that you can learn that you are not the self you perceive yourself to be. Therefore its tools, as limited as they are, have been made useful so we can

journey beyond all limitations.and the of words!….


Jest another believe it er not ready er not tale


aka quarksire! 🙂