This is Not Here By

The 420 Greetings editor an reader also is messed up since wordpress changes last month…So as a result i am passing this one down the line frum the Past.A blast frum the a good reminder…to be able to get a visual on the future a lot of the times……So …read-on an enjoy Ur DAy….Namaste 2 one an all that come across the world of 420 greetings!…. 420 Greetings 2 U this day an evry day!….frum smiley in colorado! 🙂



The Mythic Self – in the werld of Q now sayz; Whether this is here or there U will still be sumwhere 🙂 Realatively speakin..Saving Face LoL..Monty Python once said in the seventies…how can ya be in 2 places at once when ur no where at all 🙂 .. soo to be expplaineeded by the Q lol….well it was bout time to be either here and there also all in the same if i was cross blogging etc etc… jest typing googling quarksire well finds me all over and jest googling 420 greetings finds me at the top of the list also, so i figured an easy way to preserve my real nature here at werdpress as da’ one and only dot com of the Q <link and 420 greetings.< is what it is now u will see the names of my 2 webby domains here reflecting this newness…

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