Playin da’ Trump Card?

frum babies 2 big gurlZ!

frum babies 2  BIG GURLZ!

Donald Trump has never smoked marijuana.

• He would legalize it and tax it.

• He thinks that legalization would save a lot of money in our prisons and courts and profit the states.

So here are my opinions frum da gallery!

I say well it might jest be time to Play da trump CARD?

one never KNOWS!..


the way i see it if he is for the national legalization of marijuana an also an end to the silly drug war organized by our veryu own gov for profit, an let all the non criminals outa jail etc etc ,,i am all fer him .more poer to the money moner the way i see it,,,he has a lotta gewd ides an power an MOney lotsa backers,an lewks like the media some of em are against him so we will see what becomes, alot better than a hipocryte like hillliry i’d say. at least he didn’t meke the money the way she has .oh well another story!

It’s really time America wakes up to the value of this plant. We don’t need science to prove this, just look at the testimonials. Thousands of people have abandoned their prior medications, for an assortment of ailments, because cannabis works. Why do you think the biggest lobbying group of opposition is Big Pharma? Could it be that they stand to lose a lot of money once science substantiates these facts? Ironically, they hold the only patents for creating medicine from this plant. Do your own homework on the nutritional and medicinal benefits of cannabis and come to your own conclusions. When people voice their opinions in a democratic society, before being informed of the facts, it destroys the concept of democracy. This subject is about freedom of choice. If you choose to take their poisons that they call medicine, then so be it. I would like the freedom to choose to medicate myself naturally. For a plant that is proclaimed to be so dangerous, you would think by now they could directly attribute at least one death to it. But the millions of deaths contributed to over the counter and prescription medications are so conveniently overlooked. Help me help you fight for your freedoms, and in the process you can help millions of people..I say


Smell Da TRuth About War on POT < article >


I feel that the legalization of marijuana would benefit the country, drop the unemployment rate, deduce the country deficit and increase the pharmaceutical applications to better help the country’s people. Qbc is found in the plant and metabolizes faster than 30 days therefore you could create cheap tests to detect qbc and would accurately be able to determine when the last use was. Also to tax the plant based on the gram would generate billions of dollars. To genetically engineer a plant that had say 32%thc and 25-27%qbc and sell it no more than $5 a gram you’d win the war on drugs by over supplying the demand for a product most potent. It would make the cartels go bankrupt.
Offer property tax cut on farmers, buy it from them for $1 a gram get is to the public for no more than $5 a gram and not only are you creating jobs but your winning the war on drugs benefitting from the massive tax revenue and creating a whole line of pharmaceuticals with the qbc and thc that will only help the human body deal with pain.

An also, i believe if grown worldwide it could help a lot with the global warming situation also an create lotsa Co2 but who am i to say! an what do i know lol.welll i do believe it might save the world in many ways an even we could go back to printing books on it etc etc an making fabrics with it etc etc,,is an amazing product with over 20,000 uses.yes indeed…..

21 Points bout POT 420 Greetings

Click on da' all bout pot link to learn more frum lot 420

My vote is with you if u not only decriminalize it but
Make it our right to grow and use, buy sell an distribute like any other vegetable or herb…!.ok nuff said.have a great weekend all …..Smiley! in sunny southernb colorado! …Home of Rainbows an Pot! yeahha…. bout time werld ! wake up yeah buddy!..!…


Another Wake an Bake Article

Marijuana Roasted Coffee – Now Legally Available for Purchase


The pods work in standard, single-serve coffee machines like a Keurig and contain 10 mg of THC, or what is considering to be a normal serving of marijuana’s active ingredient. Jennifer Lanzador — the sales manager of Uncle Ike’s — tells Yahoo: “I liken it to a Red Bull and vodka. I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.”

The pods are proving to be popular. James Hull, the owner of Fairwinds Manufacturing — the Vancouver-based company that makes Catapult — says that “pods now account for about 60% of his company’s coffee sales.”

Uncle Ike’s isn’t the only place that produces weed-infused K-cups. California company House of Jane sells four versions of the special pods including a mocha flavor. House of Jane has plans to launch an infused take on a Frappuccino, the famed blended coffee drink from Starbucks, too. And for those who just want a cup of weed-infused coffee brewed for them, Seattle’s Trichome offers a pour-over version.

Eater Video: <<see video here The Ramenrrito is the perfect stoner lunch to follow your morning Marijuana K-Cup



Cannabis Science – Cannabinoid Compounds – Marijuana Documentary

Cannabis Science – Cannabinoid Compounds – Marijuana Documentary;


cannibas an cancer!!! whats it all bout! ….can ya tell ur cancer to go bye bye with weed….cannibas oil…welll.werks fer me has nearly healed all the skin cancer i was plaugerised with for many many years :). …..

we are all born with endo Cannabinoid systems , how we manage an operate it is what is important, check out this video an then tell me i am a bad guy for consuming my pot for my disease! an er dis eases !……. All i can say is it werks very well! too help keep a guy like me alive. The chemistry is amazing if ya have a chronic illness…. it does not kniock ya down like alcohol or disconnect ya frum ur own personal reality, but when the brain an body is activated by the coumpound of pot, well a very differrent type of effect stes in ……… depending upon ur chemistry and also depending upon ur chemistry of the different vartities of pot. well enuff said , if ya got skin cancer er tumors etc etc,,,check out this video!…

Federal Government Unwittingly Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer

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MarijuanaA group of federal researchers commissioned to prove the government’s claim that marijuana has “no medicinal value” may have unwittingly let some crucial research slip through the cracks, forcing the United States to admit that cannabis can kill cancer.

Although, at first glimpse, the latest claim appears to be a cruel April Fools’ prank from Nora D. Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), but after careful inspection, it seems that the federal government is actually supporting a recent study which has determined that marijuana has the power to eliminate cancer cells.

The research, which was conducted by a team of scientists at St. George’s University of London, found the two most common cannabinoids in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), weakened the ferocity of cancer cells and made them more susceptible to radiation treatment. The study, which…

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Da’ Reality of Free Energy


Here is a post-it bout free energy if’n ur interested in viewing, is very interesting;THE TRUTH BOUT “FREE ENERGY” ..IS ANYTHING REALLY FREENOW?

Take care an have a prosperous new year frum da smiley guy Q in colorado