Photo Challenge Close up

Close Up


This week, discover the hidden details that can only be seen up close.

an a close up frum a far away!

an a close up frum a far away! have a splendid one everyone , frum smiley in colorado  🙂


Photo Challenge – Symmetry

… 4 Dis’ Ol Heart…

Wings have to have symmetry to be able to fly!

… lol …

do what ya want with my heart!

.. This weeks Werd is Symmetry


for the

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

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Symmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts.


For this challenge, share an image of symmetry. Don’t limit yourself to architecture — you can bend this theme in any way you’d like.

A portrait of your twins? A window grille? The yellow lines of a busy road? A row of sharp points along a metal fence? Let the world inspire you.

..Peace out frum smiley in colorado 🙂

frum both sides of me mind!

frum both sides of me mind!

WordPress Photo Challenge



Thinkin’ More Bout Shadows today here ..

Experimenting with shadows can be a fun and rewarding way to push yourself to try something new with your camera, your subject, and your surroundings. Shadows can also add depth and drama to an otherwise ordinary image.For this week’s Photo Challenge, find the shadows. You can choose a literal interpretation and shoot an actual shadow, or you can play with the light and dark, and create a moody scene, or capture your subject in a rich and interesting way.


Words of da' week is "Shadowed"

Words of da’ week is “Shadowed”

High Point of da’ week Happy 2015 allz frum smiley’ in high in da’ Rocky Mountains of Sunny Colorado.

da' shadowed side of chimney rock at sunset

frum da’ Shadowed side of Chimney Rock, Colorado  at Sunset


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

🙂 from lust to love to passion 🙂

no butts bout it

felt 420 GreetinZ 2 U

No Buttz Bout it here! says smiley :)

No Buttz Bout it here! says smiley 🙂

Warmth ? well in da eye of da’ beholder! 🙂 🙂

Therefore hereto

 A Passion 

to a passionate love

once upon a tyme


A Simple Passage Leads to Passion
or is it a simple pick-up that drives ya above,
to a Place of Love..Best part of a life of knowing where i come frum where i wanna go! an to yes above all things



“OMG…he posted that Pic’ of me there”??

yep yep

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

Words of da' week is "Warmth"

Words of da’ week is “Warmth”

? 🙂 ?

Weekly Photo Challenge Dreamy

a Different perspective on



da' "kind" fer DreamyDreams

da’ “kind” fer DreamyDreams



  • Want to participate? Each Friday, we’ll provide a theme. Publish a new post with a photo interpreting the weekly theme. Create a pingback to this week’s challenge to share your post with the community. Learn More

  • Word of da' week is "Dreamy"

    Word of da’ week is “Dreamy”

  • A wish to u fer a splendid weekend…an remember

  • ~~~~~~~~~~

  • dreams jest might be in da’ eye of da’ beholder.

  • Image
  • an’ a dream is a wish ur heart makes 🙂
  • dats all over an out frum smiley in colorado

  • 🙂

Heres Ur Sign

a perspective 4 U frum Smiley!


to see more photo challenge pics on da topic Signs click on the link below 🙂 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge!


This week, publish an image of a sign — from the signs you encounter on the street to more personal, less obvious signs that hold meaning for you… to see more entries click on camera below 🙂