Rivers of Thought {polluted}

………..Da’ EPA gives da’ World in da’ 4 corners an down below da’ roundyround!

…………Unreal Very Unreal to me but ah so real 😦 bummer to sayda’ very least!



Da' EPA GIVES Da" World Da' Roundyround!

Da’ EPA GIVES Da” World Da’ Roundyround!

..EPA: Colorado mine waste spill larger than first reported.…..well,,more frum the gallery of smiley here in colorado who ain’t smilin to much bout this latest adventure in our 3 corners area ? :(..BY our Wunderful protecting Guys at the epa that wanted to cover it up so now it’s an accident , wow.
Problem out of proportion for Colorado an the south land 😦 .is really unbelievable,that it happened in the usa an we let {them} get away with it :(. will prolly be the case anyhow.. Whenever any collection of hazardous waste is captured in earthen pits or in a lake format, the easiest and cheapest way to rid your self of this problem is to have an “accident”. Being an accident, no penalties or jail time applies. This happens all over the world. Until we convict those responsible for the storage system itself, this format will continue….
But of course, the well water will take long time to get contaminate ! The contaminated river water will take a few years to seep into the ground. Once it seeps underground, it is impossible to decontaminate it. In Burbank, CA, the city had to abandon city wells, after Lockheed’s contaminated washdown water with solvents went into the ground. The wells are still unusable, after some thirty or forty years after the incidence.

Da' EPA GIVES Da" World Da' Roundyround!

Da’ EPA GIVES Da” World Da’ Roundyround!

The Navajos better start moving their tepees to another reservation, like their ancestors used to do, when they ran out of fertile land. …So much for the EPA keeping America safe. bummer again truly what mroe can i say well><?
if a private citizen or corporation “accidentally” spilled 3 million plus gallons of toxic sludge into the river, there would be criminal and civil charges to follow, especially given the failure to provide prompt notice as required by law. Let’s see how hard the state chases the feds on this one. my guess is they only want money.
This is the kind of unprofessional accidents that occur when everything is the lowest bidder and political cronyism……….well???????? agree with me er not is more than a rant i am pissed off but what can i do as a citizen to the {system} an the epa an the Gov? 😦
750,000 plus 550,000 don’t amount to nothing compared to the damage done to the rivers wildlife and communities. The agency and equipment will eat through that the first couple weeks. This is a deliberate act of terrorism involving our federal government against humanity and this planet. Wake up people; stupid  people are responsible for this act. Charges need to be filed on the EPA for a criminal act against the population.
My question is how does a mining company get to leave behind 3 million gallons of water tainted with lead, arsenic if the first place? Someone is sitting nicely in a pretty mansion with dirty hands. Would bring me to think that kinna thing anyhow,,,,,,,,,what evr happened to nipping the problem at the core like they should have years ago, i saw a tv show how they had planned to clean up all the mines across the country an well? who squelched that program i wunder? 

OH! an then there are the idiots in Silverton who do not want the feds coming in an cleaning up the mess? WTF folks? huh?
Colorado authorities say there is” no immediate damage to wildlife”. It is not the acute effects that will damage wildlife. It is the chronic effects that will damage wildlife .When heavy metals get into the eco-system then reproductive process are mutated in the animals. hey on the bright side the mosquitoes can not handle such a low ph bye bye mosquitoes….
EPA TODAY = ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIng AGENCY….:(With the EPA evidently able to give themselves regulatory and legislative powers, it is small wonder they ignore congressional oversight and the courts.
meanwhile…………Feds policing puddles?in ur very own back yard? Add that to the

************read another article about it right here!*click**********

Navajo Nation Vows To Hold EPA Accountable As Colorado River Poisoner Identified


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