More frum Lot 420

Cannabis_indicaMore frum da’ mind of Smiley

YA KNOW if the federal government would just put a $0.75 cent per gram tax just for therecreational usage and say 25% of America was to buy just ONE GRAM PER DAY the feds would make around 30 BILLION A YEAR, now factor in the savings to law enforcement, courts and jails it comes around 50 BILLION a year. SO WHY ARE WE THROWING PEOPLE IN JAIL OVER THIS AGAIN? Oh yea so a selected few can make a lot of money
Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs is one of the biggest crimes in the history of the United States. Before 1980, there were, on average, approximately 500,000 federal inmates throughout the country. Most on serious crimes – murder, rape, etc. Currently there are approx 2.5 million. Moreover, the surplus is made of non-violent drug offenders. Even more astounding is that approx 80 percent of federal inmates are there on drug-related charges Why? The bail-bond industry. This industry has one of the fastest growth rates of any industry in the country over the past forty years and a very powerful lobby with deep pockets to match.
It cost $27,000 per year to incarcerate a federal inmate. Some states, Florida for example, pay 1/4 of every tax dollar on incarcerating their inmates. There are twice as many Africa-American males 18-25 in prison as there are in college. Again, the VAST majority are there for drug-related charges. This madness has to stop. On top of the boost to the economy is the savings to the tax payer from decriminalization. No more costs for police who can now spend their time doing better things than busting people for herb, no more wasted court expenses prosecuting for possession, and no more money spent on locking up non-violent offenders busted for possession. Who is against this legalization? an why must i ask?
How about this bit of news?
Senate Considers Giving Marijuana Businesses Access To Banks with a new bill; Marijuana Business Access To Banking Act Of 2015
Sounds like Congress or, at least, the Senate is really trying to get this..experiment to work no matter what the prohibitionists try to do.





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