Cannabis Science – Cannabinoid Compounds – Marijuana Documentary

Cannabis Science – Cannabinoid Compounds – Marijuana Documentary;


cannibas an cancer!!! whats it all bout! ….can ya tell ur cancer to go bye bye with weed….cannibas oil…welll.werks fer me has nearly healed all the skin cancer i was plaugerised with for many many years :). …..

we are all born with endo Cannabinoid systems , how we manage an operate it is what is important, check out this video an then tell me i am a bad guy for consuming my pot for my disease! an er dis eases !……. All i can say is it werks very well! too help keep a guy like me alive. The chemistry is amazing if ya have a chronic illness…. it does not kniock ya down like alcohol or disconnect ya frum ur own personal reality, but when the brain an body is activated by the coumpound of pot, well a very differrent type of effect stes in ……… depending upon ur chemistry and also depending upon ur chemistry of the different vartities of pot. well enuff said , if ya got skin cancer er tumors etc etc,,,check out this video!…


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