USA an RUSSIA Now we Both Got em

Still from RT video

Russian battle robots shoot armored targets during field trials (VIDEO)Battlebots…wow who’d ever imagine?…..

Russian battle robots armed with machine-guns, cannons and anti-tank missile launchers have undergone successful field trials, destroying all designated targets – including armored vehicles – at a maximum range, according to military sources.

Russia has successfully tested the robotic systems of the Uran family in a complex exercise at Rayevsky testing range range in Novorossiysk on Thursday, defense sources told a number of Russian news agencies. As compared to previous trials which tested robots individually, this time remotely controlled robots operated together as a military unit.

The exercise included engineering reconnaissance and long-rage firing tests of machine guns and automatic cannons installed on a robotic chassis of Uran family, the source told Ria.

“At the final stage of the exercises, battle robots practiced destroying armored equipment using anti-tank guided missiles,” the source said, explaining that all systems were controlled from a remote secured command post.

“The combat robotic systems’ operators have successfully hit all designated targets,” the source added.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and General Staff Chief Valery Gerasimov as well as several other high-ranking military officials reportedly….see rest of article here 🙂 >


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