420 Da’ Real Deal

~~~~~~~ Da’ Real Deal ~~~~~~~
2015 – da’ dea fda aap an a fake war on drugs

Watch closely as the Congress and the President work in a bipartisan manner in the best interests of the citizens. It all occurs below the surface at a very slow pace and after about a week of it you won’t be able to tell that anything actually happened…is the way it seems an appears with many things concerning the P.O.T. {plenty of trouble} as in da’ old dragnet series lol…
well, lotsa changes have been takin’ place an very rapidly now, it appears, as with most things, politics is behind times concerning the truth of the real reality concerning things{of the past} that is,,,an well the way I see it all forms of drugs should be Legal an Labeled… bout all there is to it.. an controlled by the system that {supposed} to control em…….
In the last few weeks…on the backburner of the news in hard to find articles there has been an organization that has come to light more than a couple of times concerning marijuana… that org is the American Academy of Pediatrics or the AAP..
…Thay are now recommending the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency reclassify marijuana so more research can be done in the hopes of finding benefits for children with chronic an death iminate type diseases, especially those concerning neural disorders an chronic pain.Th AAP states that marijuana should be made available on a “compassionate use basis”? for children with debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. Leaving open more TERMINOLOGY for BARTERING with so called politicians :(…
The Academy would like to see pot removed from the DEA’s Schedule 1 listing for controlled substances, which which states that pot is not considered to have any “currently accepted medical use in the U.S of eh ?, furthermore.Other drugs in this classification include heroin, acid and ecstasy, now as a pot smoker whom has been smoking daily since 1970, well an having experienced the other drugs mentioned? heroine an lsd an other class 1’s, well i can affirmly attest it is bullshit to have pot in the classification anywhere nears that kind of substance, i swear the guys who made the laws bout that musta been under the influence of alcohol, some other kinaa drugs, or money they were bought by the corps. so they could hold their dear place in office in the first place?
This AAP org wants marijuana downgraded to the list of Schedule 2 drugs, which are considered to have a “high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.” These include various widely prescribed narcotics, such as oxycodone and fentanyl, as well as morphine and codeine, which are used for medical purposes, I personally think the AAp is crazy to want to put pot in that class of drug also…wunder why no ones lobbying to have pot put to a schedule 4 huh? well, of course is all bout $$ money an more money!,,,from the companies that are anti-pot…because POT is Competition!…is bout the bottom line of it all is what is has always been, once people wake up an realize all the wars over “control” of the pot and Heroine an poppy industries! is all bout an how the world is hid from the truth why “IT ALL HAPPENZ” well, @ that point in time , there will either be a way found by the corporates an the world for “PEACEFULAn RESOLUTION” or there will not be……I believe there is so much TRUTH out there now bout the beneficial uses of POT and HEMP… an how the corporates have kept it from the people for decades for one thing..GREED!….Now that the pyramid is almost FULL! well, when will it fall an how is the big question,“A Schedule 1 listing means there’s no medical use or helpful indications, but we know that’s not true because there has been limited evidence showing [marijuana] may be helpful for certain conditions in adults,read this link here by Seth Ammerman, a clinical professor in pediatrics at Stanford University and a member of the AAP national committee on substance abuse, who co-authored the new policy statement.

It’s been since 2008, the American College of Physicians asked for a review of this policy? http://www.acponline.org/acp_policy/policies/supporting_medmarijuana_2008.pdf
The federal government has resisted relisting over debate about the kind of scientific evidence that would warrant a change.

Now finally The FDA {http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-20/drug-regulators-study-easing-u-s-marijuana-restrictions.html} is conducting an analysis – at the request of the DEA – to determine whether marijuana should be downgraded on the Controlled Substances list? what 7 years laters? The AAP advocacy is for the well-being of children, So they say…so we shall see as future unfolds in politics. of bud…i assume.
check this out if ya wish to learn bout how schedules substances act is put together… http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/schedules/
Sumtimes all it takes is a bita research to open a new eye er 2 to the realities bout pot an hemp…an it’s benefit to the planet humanity and the werld itself 🙂
Now the fda is the one that recommends to the to the congress an knows bout the interest from many groups to reclassify etc etc, knowing it can be used in numerous medical conditions? well why have not they recommended this even as of late with all the gaining momentum an publik pressure concerning this very old but new volatile topic…….
All i can say is that seems 2 me 3 er 4 different organizations an industries and political spectrum ought to come together on common ground for a change, that be ing the TRUTH!..will it ever happen Time will tell is all i can say for now, until, another time again when i gots more to share bout my opinions an articles i find hidden on da net!…thats a whole other thing…who really owns the world and the governments…REGARDLESS of who owns the MONEY
Take care- Peace  love an light 2 one an all whom might be part of this new learning curve for mankind whom has been blinded by the Light…of war …war poverty climate change an economic distress.

Over an out from Smiley in Colorado!


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