420 Greeting Cards Frum Lot #420

“Feeling does not require thinking…

Emotions require thinking”



So question is? Do ya feel like sending a friend a 429 Greeting, well the whole idea here is to have a right clickable an sharable site that people can right click on the pics an make fun emails with etc etc, i have no quarems with that , kinna hope that ya might give 420 greetings a plug though if’n ya do, if not though its okay with mikey,,,the watermarks show the way πŸ™‚ lol……..no matter what enhjoy ur stay when ya drop by here …an feel free to right click Not a problem on lot 420… although …the copywritten pics of others that ya might find here frum others well, beware if they are not urs that it is okay to use em, i try to keep my site all y stuff so is okay feel safe that thay are my own publik domain here jest for u ,,only outside links are not my pics, on articles possibly u might find links to frum the net otherwise,,,again feel free to right click copy an paste away ,,,420 happyly share the werd …over an out frum smiley in colorado..a few thoughtful 420 kards here fer display! each one of my creations eventually will end up one at a time on pages i am creating jest to link to my Kardsite in creation…. still werking on the greeting card click an send format like at my friends site angelwinks.net < got hewked on her format a few years back an werkin on da webby design πŸ™‚

Peace out to one an all till next time round

πŸ™‚ Β  smileyΒ  !Β  πŸ™‚





do what ya want with my heart!

..left my heart blank so u can mold whatevr ya want outa it lol.




an eye fer an eye huh!








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