The inmates are running the asylum




The inmates are running the asylum.
…..Since i have become actually allergic to many GMO products now an , am on the chronically disabled list with my PKD an have had 2 hospital bouts in the last onth to get re-vitalized…lol…well i have been doing some research an this much i have found out here below concerning it!
The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014 whereby mandatory labeling of GMO foods will be outlawed at both state and federal levels: this is the in-your-face double-speak that the ruling class love to try to shove down the throats of the masses. They get a chuckle at the safety and accuracy of their doings every time they think about it. Monsanto an the elite have gone insane – is my personal opinion, whether it matters a bit er not, they are slowly killing e also, i have been chronically sick in the hospital 2 times in the last month from my over toxification as a result of to much chemistry in “everything” we consume………When i drink “fine” clear an pure “re-structured” water i can feel the difference within 30 seconds of drinking it, the aliveness, also as with dead an alive foods, this is the point of the day i bbelieve if there is one, i am jest sick an tired of being sick an tired, maybe because i know what is causing it now i can do something bout it for myself anyhow? ya think? well not if the lables are misleading an i believe what is labeled like the common consumer.
The manipulation of the food, air and water. Is Da’ insanity U an everyone on da’ planet is faced with right now!
These are the 3 essential elements that we need to survive on this planet.
It is clear that they are working day and night to find a way to reduce World population.
You can bet that whatever makes the fish grow double the rate of other fish will also make humans grow larger too. Look at what antibiotics do to boost the weight of our herds and look at our population as a result.Genetically Engineered Salmon
FDA has issued for public comment a draft environmental assessment (EA) related to the agency’s review of an application concerning AquAdvantage Salmon, a genetically engineered Atlantic salmon. FDA’s preliminary finding is that an approval of this application, under the specific conditions proposed in the application, would not have a significant impact (FONSI) on the U.S. environment. AquAdvantage Salmon is a product of AquaBounty Technologies (AquaBounty), of Maynard, Mass.

Support the efforts of companies that are enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Verification Program. what a freiking double edges sword of a dichitomy of a p[olitical game to make people believe one thins is the truth when what they are really lewking at is the 100% opposite, but they zare to blind to see that the perpetrators are also the protectors,,that are only proptecting thier right to pollute destroy an mame an harm human life in the end…with “absolute control” genetically ! right? who do they think they are kidding..well in the end everyone ….they end up fooling every one but the few an the elite that can afford to NOT EAT genetically Modified products…….or grow thier own…..“The problems begin with FDA’s bizarre decision to consider GE meat using its ‘New Animal Drug Approval’ (NADA) process, a process designed for evaluation of new animal drugs (hence the name), not genetically engineered animals. The GE salmon themselves are, according to this analysis, the animal drug. As food blogger Ari LeVaux explains on Civil Eats, ‘the drug per se is AquaBounty’s patented genetic construct… Inserted at the animal’s one-cell stage, the gene sequence exists in every cell of the adult fish’s body.’
“Of course, NADA was not designed to analyze the human health or environmental consequences of new animal drugs, and because the animals are the drugs in this process, their welfare is also ignored.”
Another Go figure point i have top make is> Almost all canola oil is )1 indigestible so you shouldn’t eat it and 2) genetically modified since almost all organic canola has been contaminated by GMO crops. Kettle Chips are not organic because they don’t have an organic sign on them. Because nothing says they’re organic you can assume the potatoes are grown with pesticides and that the oil being used is GE….One would be simply astounded to find out how many processed foods Rapeseed (Canola) is present in…to state that organic canola oil (rapeseed) is better is an oxymoron.
It is Rape seed because it attacks the body.
One simply needs to walk through a canola (Rapeseed) processing plant to realize what this crap really is…the process that is used to get those tiny black seeds to release oil is not what you would call food processing…but is the same process that was initially used to make machine oils for steam engines and in latter years in diesel electric submarines.
it is interesting to note that in its initial move to becoming a food product. Rapeseed was use to make a primitive form of margarine and a cake for animal feed…the margarine mix was use as turkey food. Turkeys refuse to eat it useless there was no other food stuff available. Mammals become ill and die when they eat this poison.
The erucic acid is decreased in the processing of the seeds into oil…it takes Lye to remove it.
Rapeseed kills the earth in which it grows in for neighboring plants. Rapeseed depletes the soil of nitrogen, it is a glutton for nitrogen and this is not completely a feeding mechanism . But, defensive against other species of plant. It is estimated that it takes four years to recovery from a crop of rape, unless petrochemicals such as anhydrous ammonia are used to replenish the nitrogen loss. Anhydrous ammonia is roughly 85% nitrogen by volume. The growth of rape seed and the subsequent petrochemical repair along with the herbicide round-up and pesticides kill soil fungi, which will eventually cause the collapse of the soil. the only REAL solution, would be a complete ban of GMO food in this world.
Some oils are not meant to be eaten…such is the case of Canola (rapeseed).
The only reason why we consume it is because it causes illness and death Also to note, the human body never get to those extreme temperatures especially during digestion to break down such a fat molecule…in the digestive process the body become confused and does know what to do with rapeseed (canola), thus leading to allergy,organ sickness and obesity.It is high deep frying temperatures of oils such as rapeseed oil that cause the production of toxics such as acrylamide…which is extremely carcinogenic.
It is the high deep frying temperatures and that rapeseed oil does not break down under such conditions that make this oil so cost effective for the fast food industry.At what point will labeling become an empty gesture, because the overwhelming majority of food grown in the US, including organic, is contaminated with GMOs? The anti gmo Activism movement took an inadvisable turn in the road some years ago. It opted for labeling, instead of outright bans on growing GMO crops. Now we seem to have things labeled as to mislead the consumer intentionally without them having a clue that what they are eating is processed an or cooked with poison!? an in digestible things…? Like i said at the beginnig of this rant …The Inmates are truly running the Asylum now!
Also to note, the human body never get to those extreme temperatures especially during digestion to break down such a fat molecules of canola oils…in the digestive process the body become confused and does know what to do with rapeseed (canola), thus leading to allergy, organ sickness and obesity. Advise to the user throw out the healthy Canbola oil! yep yep.
“The US still leads the world in GM plantings, with 170 million acres in 2012, which produce 95% of the nation’s sugar beets, 94% of the soybeans, 90% of the cotton and 88% of the feed corn.” (USA Today, 2/28/12)…won or winning any kinna war is impossible say the least…
We are very much past the point of arguing labeling vs. outright bans on growing GMOs

My advice to anyone interested today….it to do some research,,an learn what it is they are eating an why they are chronically ill… in a downhill spiral… check out these websitres an well,,, after doing the research of whom owns what an whom is deceiving whom, with some knowledge an well, open awareness one will see whom owns it all an why the war is the way it is now…The war ! with an within OUR VERY FOODS WE EAT …which becomes a war within our own bodies in time!/….ah whats ya gonna do ? wel??? clues to come in the future i assume…..all one can really do!.


truly how much do u know an how much do u care to know?

*Zeitgiest *

..Dreaming of “Trading Yesterday” ah for what?



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2 thoughts on “The inmates are running the asylum

  1. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:

    ***** Eat em er not! a few thoughts fer break fast! an da braniacs! the activists an the ones in denial also 🙂 this post-its for u …Quark ussually staysa away from agendas an politics but this is good info for thos whom “WISH TO” know! 😎 Q


  2. Terribly horrifying, and all true. Most of the 1st world is blind to what they are being fed, and all the propaganda involved in marketing poison to us. Organic cold-pressed olive oil is what I use. I try to avoid pre-packaged foods as best I can. Most people do not want to know that they are being poisoned and slowly heading towards sickness. They are too addicted. That too, is deliberate with al the additives and junk. Thanks for caring. I hope you can find your way back to health… 🙂

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