Marijuana Legalization by Quarksire

……..Weed is considered more dangerous than cocaine and opiates to the feds which is outrageous to anyone that has an education. We need to legalize this plant and enforce our immigration laws!!! Stop the violent cartels destroying countries south of the border.




LONG OVERDUE BLOG AND LONG VIDEO FRUM Q…The prohibitionist organization, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, are getting desperate to make up stories that cannabis is bad. I have this to say in response.More frum lot 420 here bout POT!.The Gov could not stop pot coming from Mexico and now they think they are going to stop it flowing from weed legal states.So here goes our Govt spending all our tax dollars on something that has been proven time and time again to not work. a SILLY WAR ONJ DRUGS SINCE YEARS AGOO…..


No matter how many BAD GUYS you catch you are not stopping anything. nOT UNTIL YA BALANCE THE ODDS I SAY AND THE SYSTEM! When an everyday American tries to do something to make extra cash he gets thrown in jail. When a corporation kills thousands of people, animals, and ruins our oceans, they get bailouts.WTF is…

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